Hanlin Wang, Student

A long awaited reunion with my childhood.

“Lubo” is my infant name. Through finding “him”, I would like to fill the gap of the loss of my memory. This project is continuity of my personal emotion. I linked my growing experience and emotion, expressing the relationship between space and time of photography. I moved to many places along with my father's working place changed. (My father is a soldier) With times passed, I felt vague about my memory. As a result, I was looking forward to finding the memory I lost and getting it back. The events and places that happened before will appear in my mind occasionally, that made me feel hurts sometimes. So, I decided to record the changes of my emotion using photographs, including history, memory, impression and longing. All of them are the connection between emotion and memory. (The project is in progress.From 2016)
The project is divided into three parts .
1.Graphic photography; 2. Handmade book; 3. Video image (15-minute video);The three parts constitute the project “Finding Lubo”.

Detailed plan:

There is still a place for the work of "looking for Rubo", which is also a place where I have a profound impact on my childhood, and I will go back to take pictures, record video, and collect sound, and will be the final end of this group of works. The expected end time is October 2018.
I will go back to the 301 Hospital in Ji'nan, where I had an operation, a period of school running away from school, happy and melancholy. Because there is no such a big friend of me in the hospital, my father often takes me to walk around the hospital. It is a quiet, profound backyard and a little gloomy, and I always feel that I can't go out. I want to find out if the military hospital is still there. Maybe I will go with my father to look for it.

5 objectives:
1. finished the place I haven't been to.
2. continue to improve the audio part of the video.
3. continue to improve manual books.
4. search for publishers to publish my Handbook and make printed editions.
5. a final exhibition, displaying my project with high quality and high standard.