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The 3K Project

The 3K Project

Deadline: March 31 2018

Award: Travelling exhibitions including to the Month of Photography of Los Angeles , Press announcement through the Lucie Foundation, $1000



Category: Photography

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In January 2017, the President of the United States signed an executive order that would attempt to bar people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia from entering the U.S. for 90 days.

Five months after President Trump signed the initial order, the Supreme Court voted to allow a limited version of the order to take effect and could only ban refugees and travelers who do not have a bona fide relationship to a person in the U.S.
The 3K Project is Lucie Foundation’s response to this order with the intention of showing the similarities of daily life in these affected countries alongside the lives of average American, while also embracing the unique cultural differences.

We are inviting photographers, professional and amateur, from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and the U.S. to document their daily lives within a 3km (1.86 mile) radius of their home and to submit ten photographs for the curators’ consideration.

This exhibition will travel within the eight counties with the hope to bridge the gap and gain a better understanding of our collective, daily lives.

Context: After President Trump's first executive order barred citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States in January 2017, protests broke out throughout the country. Americans as well as immigrants and refugees refused the risks the ban posed on their life and the discrimination it set against Muslims under the veil of “War against Terror". 
Project: Instead of stirring a speech of hate and divisions, the 3K Project aims at delivering images from photographers from both the USA and from the countries subjected to the travel ban (Somalia, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Yemen), which are not displayed by mainstream media. From both regions, there is an asymmetry in the way inhabitants view each other.  
The 3K Project raises questions about freedom and identity and the ability photography has to change people’s perceptions. This creative activism also draws attention to the common ground people from Los Angeles and Mogadishu may share. Despite the 15 000 kilometers that separate them, individuals face the same human hopes for a better life and worries for their children. 
Although the environment and the economic means are different, local photographers will tell the story of their personal routine through images taken within a perimeter of 3km. 
The goal of this 3km perimeter is to reveal the daily reality of these different photographers. The way they take breakfast, where they sleep, how they bring their children to school or how they spend their day – aspects of a routine we can all relate to and thus empathize with. It also aims at deconstructing stereotypes and misconceptions often spread by mass media. “The other” may not be so different than us after all. The 3k Project stands as a message of fraternity through a transversal narrative of the local daily life. 

At the next stage, the travelling exhibition of the 3K Project will be showcased in printed format and will also be projected in public space /streets as a way to reach and interact with a broad public. 

The 3K Project encourages the networks of civil society, personal involvement, and the courage to raise one’s own voice through photography to bridge different communities together based on the values of freedom of expression and respect. In view of the numerous areas of conflict in the world, this photography initiative yields a sense of fraternity beyond borders and is exemplary of never giving up hope for peace.


The 3K Project is open to emerging and professional photographers 18 years and older from the USA, Somalia, Iran, Irak, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Syria. 
Photographers can submit up to 10 photographs representing the different aspects of life throughout a day within a 3km perimeter. This perspective allows the viewer to experience images of a real daily life not seen through mainstream media.

We are looking for strong storytelling images with good composition, creativity and clarity. The selected photos will be part of this collaborative exhibition. 
Winning and shortlisted photographers will be included in a global press campaign, featured across the Lucie Foundation website and exhibited at cultural organizations and festivals across the Middle East and the USA (including at the MOPLA - Month of Photography of Los Angeles). 

Copyright and Usage Rights The photographer must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of photos entered into the competition. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the photographer. Any photograph used by The 3K Project for the exhibition, press and social media shall carry the photographer’s credit line.


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