• What is Grantpad?
  • GrantPad is a platform for companies and individuals to create grants, receive submissions, and select recipients through a simple, straightforward, and streamlined process.
  • How do I start my own grant?
  • Now it is easy to start your own grant! Simply select “Sign Up” at the top righthand corner of your web browser. Once you have created an account, select “Create a New Grant” and follow the quick and easy steps to designing all aspects of your grant.
  • What types of grants can I offer?
  • GrantPad is open to grants offered for Arts, Education, and Research.
  • Who can apply to the grants?
  • GrantPad is open to applicants 18 years or older from any country.
  • What is the length of contracts and pricing?
  • GrantPad’s contracts are based on yearly pricing. To view the different plan levels offered, visit
  • How can I pay for my Grantpad account?
  • GrantPad accepts payment in USD through PayPal.
  • Are all fees on your website in USD?
  • Yes, At this time we only accept US currency.
  • How do I vote on the submissions?
  • Grant creators can opt to select a jury to select a winner or decide who receives the award on their own. The voting process for both the jury and the creator is the same – simply view all submissions and click "Vote" next to the submission(s) that you would like to vote for. You can always click "Unvote" to remove or change your vote before the voting deadline.
  • How do I analyze the success of my grants?
  • Our system offers a helpful suite of detailed reports on every aspect of your grant, allowing you to save all of your records and expand on your success for future grant offerings.
  • What kind of exposure will my grant get?
  • Your grant will be featured and searchable on the GrantPad website allowing our audience to learn about your organization or company and the grants you offer. Your grant will also be advertised on our social media channels, and through our newsletters to 200k+!

I have a question that wasn’t answered here. What to do?

If your question wan’t answered, please send an email to and we will get back to you shortly!